Kinder, greener protein through fermentation.

Our protein from flora naturally creates dairy that is delicious and nutritious. That means what’s good for you is also good for the planet.

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Why protein from flora?

Our animal-free milk from flora is the first of its kind, using whey protein made by microflora, not cows, to make dairy that’s identical to traditional milk. Yes, we said identical.

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Real dairy that’s 100% animal-free

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Tastes, scoops, and spreads the same

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Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status

Our protein is a milk allergen

Enjoy the foods you love without compromising our climate future.

An ISO-certified, third-party-validated report proved that our protein is kind to our planet in more ways than one.

Up to 97% Less greenhouse gas emissions*
Up to 99% Less blue water consumption*
Up to 60% Less nonrenewable energy use*

*Compared to whey protein found in traditional milk.

Our milk protein is made by fermentation. It’s safe, proven, natural, and delicious.

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In a more compassionate world, everything is better.

We’re making the brightest future a reality. For all of us.

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