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Sustainability Card.

Put sustainability at the center

Integrating ESG into the core of products is both expected and the right thing to do. Bring planet-positivity to the heart of your products.

woman smiling eating a bagel with cream cheese

Reach and keep new audiences

Develop deeper relationships with the next generation of consumers and connect with segments that dairy leaves out today.

Plate of toast with spread and strawberries

Make no sacrifices to quality

Our protein replicates the taste, texture and functionality of traditional dairy, so we can make foods that taste, scoop, and spread exactly like the original.

Supply Chain Card.

Use a more stable supply chain

Climate change is increasingly impacting ingredient and supply-chain decisions. Our tech and approach help maintain a healthy and fair supply chain.

Villa Dolce

A kinder future for the #1 premium gelato brand in food service.

Villa Dolce meets their need for sustainable animal-free products without compromising the taste and texture they are known for.

Winning hearts, minds, and imaginations.

Thanks to Perfect Day’s innovative process, we can make an animal-free product that is kinder, sustainable, and every bit as indulgent as our traditional ice cream.

Thanks to our partnership with Perfect Day, Brave Robot is one of the fastest-growing new brands in the ice cream category.

We’ve been looking for a sustainable solution that lives up to the Villa Dolce name, and we’ve found it through Perfect Day.

When I heard about Perfect Day and their animal-free milk protein, I knew it would make a great vegan ice cream that doesn’t taste like vegan ice cream.

A taste of the possibilities.

We’re just getting started. Our approach to creating the foods we love is just the beginning of a new way of doing things. We have the chance to make so much more in a way that is safe, kind, and sustainable.

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From portfolios to plates, we’re on the journey with you.

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