Small changes can change everything. 

We’re finding ways to make our most ordinary choices mean something more to all of us.

We’re evolving our systems from the inside out.

For the first time, we can keep enjoying the foods we love but make them in new ways using fewer resources.

Our tiny protein is kind to our planet in big ways.

Up To 97% Less greenhouse gas emissions*
Up To 99% Less blue water consumption*
Up To 60% Less nonrenewable energy use*

*Compared to the protein found in traditional milk. Data from ISO-conformant, third-party-validated report.

If we partnered to make dairy products with our protein just 5% of the time, we would save the equivalent of:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions 140,000 round trip flights between SFO & JFK
Water 1.4 million Olympic swimming pools filled
Non-Renewable Energy 6 years of power for Washington, DC

Sustainability Council.

A part of something bigger, together.

We’ve created a Sustainability & Health Advisory Council (SHAC) made up of subject matter experts across industries and generations to maximize our vision of building a more equitable, resilient, and diverse food system for everyone.