Changing Courses

A Video Series by Perfect Day

Inspired by the creativity in the culinary space, we’re elevating an ecosystem of tastemakers who represent the future of sustainability: making our plates kinder and greener. We set out to capture the voice and perspective of chefs who see the connection between a resilient earth and a resilient business. Because what happens in the kitchen can change the course of our future.

Chef Greg Baxtrom

Introducing our newest episode of Changing Courses, featuring Chef Greg Baxtrom of acclaimed restaurants, Olmsted, Patti Ann’s, and Maison Yaki. As a restaurateur and business owner, Chef Greg has spent years cultivating sustainability on his menus and in his business models. From, prioritizing planet-friendly practices in his kitchens to making a point to have gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free options for diners, he’s made delicious meals mean more.

We’re thrilled to share Chef’s point of view on the power of sustainable ingredients, and the implications that sustainable thinking has on our minds, bodies, and culture today.

Watch Chef Baxtrom make a Spaetzle Stroganoff with Perfect Day’s sustainable, lactose-free milk and cream cheese, which you can find on Olmsted’s menu through the end of the year.

Getting your first restaurant is infinitely difficult. Having that thing last more than two years is a miracle. Everything else is just grit that’s holding it together.

Chef Daisy Ryan

Introducing our newest episode of Changing Courses, featuring Chef Daisy Ryan of Michelin-starred restaurant, Bell’s. In the kitchen, Chef Ryan prioritizes creativity and consciousness in her menu, rooted in French tradition reimagined for a modern Californian.

Leading with creativity, she’s also using food to impact her local community in Santa Ynez, by creating Feed the Valley with her husband, Greg, to fight food insecurity and give local restaurants the resources needed to participate.

We’re thrilled to elevate Chef Daisy’s efforts and point of view with you. Her talent, passion, and creativity in the kitchen remind us all that a more equitable, resilient, and diverse food system is within reach.

I am constantly looking for better ways to serve our world and our planet, and looking for people that are trying to make the best possible products while being thoughtful of how they’re making those products.

Chef Lucas Sin

Named 2021 Best New Chef by Food and Wine and Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2019, Chef Lucas Sin is catching the attention of the food world for making diners rethink American Chinese food. At Perfect Day, we admire him because he’s rethinking a whole lot more.

As owner of New York restaurant Nice Day, Chef Lucas is using his platform—and his kitchen—to shape the narrative around culture and sustainability. We sat down with him to learn more about his compelling point of view, how big sustainability really is, and the role it plays in a resilient planet, business, and community.

Perfect Day has seamlessly fallen into my daily life. I use Perfect Day milk in any sort of milk-based application.

Chef Manu Buffara

We’re honored to feature Chef Manu Buffara in our latest episode of Changing Courses. Manu has put Curitiba, Brazil on the culinary map as Latin America’s Best Female Chef of 2022. Over the last few years, Chef Manu has built urban gardens, installed beehives, and removed beef from her menu – Chef’s commitment to sustainability inspires us daily.

Please join us in celebrating Chef Manu and watch her make fresh Sea Bass on a bed of fresh citrus and herb crema made with Perfect Day’s cream cheese. We can’t wait to see what sustainable options she puts on the menu of her second restaurant, Ella, opening in New York later this year.

The idea is very innovative. At this moment, as we are living with our planet, it is begging us for help. Creating animal-free products is a great way out and a new way of eating.

Chef Allison Osorio

Chef Allison Osorio of School of Quenelle has made a career of bringing indulgence to the table. We’re moved by her thoughtful point of view on sustainability and how much we can achieve together. Watch her make a pineapple mille-feuille made with Perfect Day’s egg replacer cake mix, pineapple chips, salted caramel, braised pineapple and coconut foam, and basil ice cream made with Perfect Day’s animal-free milk and cream cheese.

I really admire what Perfect Day is doing because they’re not trying to change food…I don’t have to give up my love for cow’s milk. They’re just trying to reinvent the way food is made.

Girl smelling yellow flowers

Let’s make a better future a reality together.

A future with our sustainable protein…something you can see on a shelf, hold in your hands, and taste with a spoon.