Partnering with nature to use less and make more.

We’re learning from nature to make the things we love while taking less space and using fewer resources. No harm, just harmony.

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Our tiniest partners can help us solve our biggest problems through precision fermentation.

Microflora are tiny microorganisms that do powerful things, like nourishing trees and helping our own bodies digest. We’ve given them the precise DNA sequence that serves as a blueprint for how to make cow whey protein, the thing that makes milk taste, whip, and swirl like milk. Getting this DNA blueprint requires no animal involvement at all.

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We help nature take its course.

Microflora ferment everywhere in nature—in soil, in plants, in a cow’s stomach. The process helps forests flourish and keeps our guts healthy. It also makes our beer fizz, our yogurt thicken, our bread rise.

We place our microflora in a tank filled with broth made of water, nutrients, and sugar. And because they have the blueprints, when our microflora ferment the broth, they make a pure animal protein without ever touching an animal.

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Together we make something better for everything.

The protein is separated from the microflora, filtered, purified, and finally dried. The end product is an extremely pure protein powder ready for use by food makers to make milk (or cheese, or yogurt, or cream cheese…) that’s identical to the classic. We just get there a different way.

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We believe science with a soul can make anything possible.

Today, we make dairy, but with the right DNA sequence, natural microflora can use fermentation to make almost anything. That means we can imagine a future where we stop depleting the earth’s resources to make the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and more. It sounds like magic, but it’s the power of collaborating with nature.

In a more compassionate world, everything is better.

We’re making the brightest future a reality. For all of us.

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