Powering sustainable dairy.

Perfect Day created the breakthrough dairy ingredient ProFerm™, using the decades-old process of precision fermentation. By changing the process to be more sustainable, pure, and consistent, we achieve the same taste, function, and nutrition of dairy, all without the cow.

Now, we’ve scaled for impact. By partnering with some of the world’s most innovative and influential brands, we’re using ProFerm to power a growing category of sustainable dairy products.

Drive true innovation by changing the process, not the food.

Applications of ProFerm

Cream Cheese

Rich, delicious cream cheese that spreads and tastes like the classic.

Whipped Topping

A highly stable whipped topping that tastes delicious.

Egg Replacer

Just like baking with eggs, minus avian flu and pricing concerns.

Ice Cream

Ice cream that scoops, melts, and tastes just like our favorite flavors.

Barista Milk

Make your usual order more sustainable with our animal-free barista milk.

Protein Snacks

Snacks and cereals that crunch like your favorite guilty pleasures, but fuel your day with wholesome goodness.

Protein Bars

Protein bars that satisfy your cravings and fuel your body like a balanced meal.


RTD beverages infused with protein powder, delivering a protein-packed, clear and tasty drink.


RTMs that blend convenience with premium protein and taste, crafting a delicious drink experience.


A delicious yogurt that tastes and performs just like traditional dairy.


Indulgent confectionery treats that delight your taste buds while packing a protein punch.

Sour Cream

Sour cream with a tangy twist that mirrors the richness of dairy with extra protein.

A better process for a better protein.

ProFerm powers categories to:

  • Deliver on and surpass sustainability goals
  • Innovate in the market
  • Be impactful
  • …all while delivering the taste, functionality, and nutrition consumers expect

Let’s partner together:

Using our applications of ProFerm™ creates a business model to last for the next 100 years.








Just as…







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How we help partners flourish:

Sustainability Card.

Put sustainability at the center

Integrating ESG into the core of products is both expected and the right thing to do. We help our partners bring planet-positivity to the heart of their products.

woman smiling eating a bagel with cream cheese

Connect with new audiences

Develop deeper relationships with the next generation of consumers and reach new segments that traditional dairy leaves out today.

Supply Chain Card.

Use a more stable supply chain

Climate change is increasingly impacting ingredient and supply-chain decisions. Our technology and approach help maintain a healthy and fair supply chain.