Protein done better.

Perfect Day uses the decades-old process of precision fermentation to create ProFerm™, a highly functional whey protein that contains no lactose, cholesterol, hormones, or pesticides.

It’s far superior in taste and texture to plant-based options and we continue to find new applications where ProFerm provides a superior whey protein solution:

  • Less impact on the planet.
  • More controlled protein source.
  • More stable supply chain.
  • No cholesterol or lactose.

It’s time to scale with impact.

A new dairy category.

ProFerm is a highly functional and innovative dairy ingredient that makes dairy products like milk, yogurt, cream cheese, and ice cream more sustainable and just as craveable, creamy, whippable, spreadable, and delicious.

Dairy done better for products that are better – for you, your customers, and for the planet.

The protein that does more.

ProFerm is a superior whey protein that can deliver powerful benefits in many applications when used as an ingredient.

Swap out your current whey protein for ProFerm or blend it in for superior functionality, nutrition, and sustainability.

It’s sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

It offers higher BCAAs than any other whey protein on the market.

It has a clean flavor in application and is clear in solution.

Partner with us:

ProFerm is powering a growing category of sustainable dairy products used by some of the world’s largest, most innovative brands.

ProFerm powers categories to:

  • Deliver their sustainability goals
  • Innovate in the market
  • Be impactful
  • …all while delivering the taste, functionality, and nutrition consumers expect

ProFerm is protein done better.

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How we help partners flourish:

Sustainability Card.

Put sustainability at the center

Integrating ESG into the core of products is both expected and the right thing to do. We help our partners bring planet-positivity to the heart of their products.

woman smiling eating a bagel with cream cheese

Connect with new audiences

Develop deeper relationships with the next generation of consumers and reach new segments that traditional dairy leaves out today.

Supply Chain Card.

Use a more stable supply chain

Climate change is increasingly impacting ingredient and supply-chain decisions. Our technology and approach help maintain a healthy and fair supply chain.