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A greener way to make our favorite foods.

Doing better by our planet is about what we put into the earth, and also what we take from it. So we’re working on both.

All Milk, No Cow Square

All milk, no cow.

No animal involvement also means no need for antibiotics or hormones or other interventions. We’re creating a more stable, resilient food system that can feed more people for generations to come.

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A carbon footprint that steps in the right direction.

Making our milk protein produces up to 97% less carbon emissions than traditional milk production, so every product made with Perfect Day leaves a significantly smaller carbon footprint than its traditional counterpart.

Keeping Water Where It Belongs Square.

Keeping water where it belongs.

Producing Perfect Day milk protein uses up to 99% less blue water than traditional milk. Conserving blue water – water that has been sourced from surface or groundwater resources like freshwater lakes, rivers, and aquifers – is something that even plant-based dairy alternatives have struggled to solve.

Creating change we can see.

We’re beginning to realize the potential of what’s possible for the planet and our future in it.

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