Partners in Market Using Our Protein

We’re partnering with retail brands and food service manufacturers to create a future you can taste.

Partner Products Made with Perfect Day including Nicks, Graeters, Modern Kitchen, Brave Robot, California Performance Company and MOOLESS

Key Partners

Breyers image.


Breyers’ delicious Lactose-Free Chocolate, now kinder & greener.


Creamy, animal-free dairy milk in chocolate and original.

Bel Group

Incredible animal-free dairy cream cheese.

chocolate bar


Indulgence that does good.


Animal-Free. Power-Full.

Ice Age!

Asia’s first animal-free & lactose-free dairy ice cream. A Perfect Day consumer brand.

Very Dairy

The milk that you love, made without cows. A Perfect Day consumer brand.


Creamy, indulgent animal-free ice cream. A Perfect Day consumer brand.

Renewal Mill

Upcycled baking mixes & cookies that are climate-friendly and crave-worthy.

Tomorrow farms animal free milk

Bored Cow

Animal-free milk for kids and grown ups alike.

Partner Card Brave Robot.

Brave Robot

Next-generation ice cream. Made by science, for the planet. A Perfect Day consumer brand.

JuiceLand's The Chocolate Whey Smoothie with Perfect Day's animal-free dairy


A protein-packed, powerfully nutritious smoothie

Partner Nicks Ice cream


Swedish-style light ice cream for creaminess without the calories.

Strive Nutrition

Strive Nutrition

Delicious dairy hybrids that offer 25% more protein and 75% less sugar.

We’re in thousands of stores across the world.

Meet the animal-free protein that makes it all possible.

Our protein from flora naturally creates dairy that is delicious and nutritious.

Ice cream with gradient graphic.