Championing a more resilient future

We’ve created The Precision Fermentation Alliance, a new trade organization created to champion precision fermentation as a trusted solution for a more resilient and sustainable food system.

colorful painting of people mixing a bowl
Keeping Water Where It Belongs Square.

Unlocking the power of precision fermentation together

The founding members of The Precision Fermentation Alliance have aligned on the following goals:

  • Promote understanding of precision fermentation technology. Establish global transparency around ingredients and foods made with precision fermentation to build trust and familiarity.
  • Educate and engage key stakeholders throughout the food industry value chain to establish best practices regarding regulatory, manufacturing, food safety, and communications standards and compliance.
  • Develop market access and the ability to operate and market products effectively by engaging with regulators. Unlock public funding and public-private partnerships to accelerate industry growth.

A kinder, greener tomorrow through collaboration