Modern Kitchen animal-free cream cheese spread

Stocking shelves that stand for something.

We’re partnering with both new and established brands to stock every aisle with delicious, sustainable products.

How we help partners flourish:

Sustainability Card.

Put sustainability at the center

Integrating ESG into the core of products is both expected and the right thing to do. Bring planet-positivity to the heart of your products.

Food Heroes Square.

Reach and keep new audiences

Develop deeper relationships with the next generation of consumers and connect with segments that dairy leaves out today.

Supply Chain Card.

Use a more stable supply chain

Climate change is increasingly impacting ingredient and supply-chain decisions. Our tech and approach help maintain a healthy and fair supply chain.

brave robot ice cream alternating.

The #1 driver of growth in the plant-based ice cream category.

After selling more than one million pints within a year of launch, our animal-free ice cream Brave Robot has become the number one driver of growth in the plant-based ice cream category.

Thanks to Perfect Day’s innovative process, we can make an animal-free product that is kinder, sustainable, and every bit as indulgent as our traditional ice cream.

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