Animal-Free Dairy.
Real Milk Protein.

We’re a company full of food–loving innovators and we partner with new and established brands to bring you the foods you love in the most compassionate, sustainable, and delicious ways possible. We’re starting in the dairy aisle, but soon we’ll be stocking the whole grocery store because our animal-free milk protein can be used in any product that contains dairy, from soups and sauces to shakes and snacks.

Animal-free ice cream
Woman eating bagel with animal-free cream cheese
Animal-free ice cream and woman eating a bagel with animal-free cream cheese

about our partners

Our Partners

With the well-being of humans, animals, and the planet in mind, we’re partnering with a select group of brands that understand the importance of offering customers more sustainable options that taste great. Thanks to our animal-free milk protein, our partners can now offer you delicious dairy products that plant-based alternatives just can’t match.

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our why

Why It Matters


Perfect Day’s process for producing animal-free milk protein reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97% compared to conventional dairy processes for whey, which is one giant step in the direction of a sustainable future.

No Compromise

We changed the process for how dairy is made but we haven’t changed what you love about it: its taste, texture, and nutrition. Our animal-free milk protein is nutritionally and genetically identical to protein produced in cow’s milk. But since it's made without animals, it's free of lactose and the downsides of animal agriculture.

our how

How We Do It

Milk protein is at the heart of the dairy
products we know and love today. 



To produce real milk protein, we add the milk-making genetic blueprint from a cow to tiny organisms called microflora.



Just like cows, flora need a food source to produce milk protein, so we feed them plant sugars.

Fermentation tanks


We use fermentation to enable our flora to efficiently convert plant sugars into milk protein.

Animal-free milk swirl

Animal-Free Milk Protein

The result is an animal-free milk protein that is identical to the protein found in cow’s milk and that can be used to make any dairy product.

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