ProFerm™ – The sustainable protein powering our Egg Replacer

What’s ProFerm™? ProFerm™ is Perfect Day’s whey protein isolate from fermentation. We’ve spent years developing this technology, and as we push the scope of our innovation further, we continue to find new applications where our protein outperforms traditional dairy. ProFerm™ is currently used in many in-market products such as cream cheese, milk, and ice cream. We continue to push the innovation envelope by developing variations of ProFerm™ that will have superior functionality in beverage, snacking, and bar applications and will continue to push the ProFerm™ technology to provide true innovation in every category.    

We’re expanding the market possibilities for whey protein from fermentation and ProFerm™ is just the beginning.

ProFerm™ in Baked Goods 

As the trend of health and environmental consciousness continues to grow among consumers, the demand for sustainable and nutritious food options has risen dramatically. Using our ProFerm™, businesses can offer a solution to meet these growing needs, especially in the baking category. ProFerm™ is price and supply-chain stable, providing a reliable and consistent ingredient for businesses to use across their portfolio, to ensure you can continue offering tasty, sustainable, and nutritious food options to customers.  

ProFerm™ powers our Egg Replacer, which was designed for cakes, muffins, cookies, and any other baked good that requires whole eggs. It’s a revolutionary Egg Replacer that provides exceptional taste, performance, and functionality with the benefit of a more predictable supply chain. It’s versatile, shelf-stable, and is unmatched in baking applications. 

In our Egg Replacer, ProFerm™ functions as a foaming, water-binding, and elastic agent, delivering improved flavor, color, and texture over egg alternatives. Its functionality lends to optimal cake height and a fine balance of tenderness and springiness, while improving the nutritional value of baked goods compared to existing alternatives. ProFerm™ is also shelf-stable, gluten- and lactose-free, making it a versatile solution for various bakery products.

Reliable. Versatile. Delicious. 

Better for the planet. Better for your products.

ProFerm™ is a game-changing ingredient that offers a sustainable and nutritious alternative to traditional whey protein. It can be used in a wide range of applications, from sports nutrition to baked goods to frozen desserts. ProFerm™ is a high-quality, complete protein option, with better taste and texture than what’s currently on the market.

It’s also a better option for the planet, with a significantly reduced environmental impact than traditional dairy. With its versatile functionality, ProFerm™ is a better alternative, offering the same taste, texture, and nutrition as conventional whey protein, while also meeting the demand for more sustainable and delicious food options. With ProFerm™, the possibilities are endless, and the future of food looks brighter than ever. 

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