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Together, we can make a better future a reality: something you can see on a shelf, hold in your hands, and taste with a spoon. That’s why, in partnership with global and local brands alike, we’re making delicious, animal-free products without compromise. Together with our partner Myprotein we’ve created Whey Forward, a sustainable animal-free, lactose-free and vegan-friendly performance whey protein powder. We sat down with Ian Roden, US Brand Manager at Myprotein to talk about their bat cave (what they’ve dubbed their office), wild flavor innovations, and more… 

Tell us about My Protein

We’re a brand that has open arms to the global community within wellness and sports performance. Trusted by over 15 million worldwide, we hold quality and accessibility in the highest regard and work around the clock to deliver nutritional needs for virtually every diet type there is.   

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Myprotein has the tools to Fuel Your Ambition. We know that fitness means something different to everyone. That’s why we cater to the needs of the occasional exerciser and the dedicated enthusiast alike as well as the elite.   

We’re nothing without our community here in the US – and work hard to keep them chasing their goals and aspirations, ensuring they’re fueled physically and mentally.   

What is My Protein’s Ethos?

We’re here to fuel a community by letting everyone in, giving them the tools to achieve their goals, and providing them with the expert knowledge they need to support their body and mind. 

At Myprotein, we’re for the people. 

Which Whey Forward flavor is your favorite?

It’s hard to say! We’ve specifically developed the flavors so that there’s a little something for everyone. Salted Caramel has always been a fan favorite for us. Our chocolate brownie is pretty irresistible for our choco-holics out there. But the Mint Chocolate Chip – that was something new for us and it’s taste and texture are really like nothing else on the market.  

What is My Protein’s proudest milestone with regard to launching non-animal whey protein powder? 

We pride ourselves on innovation, launching first-to-market products like Clear Whey Isolate and Clear Vegan Isolate.  

But what made animal-free whey protein so appealing to us was that it felt like a noble thing to do. We’re not perfect when it comes to being green but with Whey Forward, we feel like we’re doing our part to reduce carbon emissions and are constantly developing new ways of becoming a more sustainable brand overall. We have big plans for the future. 

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone getting started in their health and fitness journey?

Meet yourself where you are at. Progress doesn’t happen overnight and there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to fitness. You have to find what works for you, stick to it, and be patient. The rest will follow.  

How does health mean more than just physical fitness?

Our community feels that the mental effects of exercise and eating healthy are just as important as the physical. For a long time, it was taboo to talk about mental health in sports and fitness, and that’s a shame. Because optimal fitness really relies on a 360 approach. If you’re not taking care of your mental health, it effects your sleep, eating habits, energy – the list goes on.

That’s why we always strive to do our best to give our community the tools they need to seek out help with their mental health and raise awareness for the cause. It’s personal for many of us.

What does it mean to be a MyProtein Athlete?

We have an open-door policy when it comes to our community. We’re fueling the ambitions of 15 million world-wide and work hard to make sure that each person sees a little bit of themselves in our brand. Because representation matters – and it’s often something overlooked. The impact representation can have on the lives of someone just getting started in fitness is so strong. So, we try to provide that opportunity.

Who or what do you look to for inspiration?

At this point, we probably sound like a broken record but our inspiration comes from community.   

Ours is such a diverse group of athletes and exercise enthusiasts at every skill level. To see the progression of those just starting their journey to eventually being full-on fitness fanatics is too inspiring to go unnoticed.   

To hear all the stories of people who used Myprotein as a tool for their success is everything to us. As a result, we make sure we provide what our community wants out of innovation, quantity, quality and taste.   

What is a flavor or product you’ve tried to make but didn’t work out? What did you learn from the testing process?  

We have definitely tried some wacky flavors. There’s really not an idea too crazy in our world and because we develop products in-house, we’re sort of a team of mad scientists just trying to make something different, that truly works for the consumer.  

Before we got Clear Whey right, Tropical Dragonfruit definitely needed some work. Now it’s a best-seller. 

What is a flavor you wish you had in the Whey Forward product line?   

The ones on the way! We believe that if you win the morning, you win your day and our team loves our cereal-inspired protein flavors. You can expect those to come soon enough. 

If your brand had an alter ego, what would it be?  

Batman. We’re just human but we have enough tools to achieve our goals and a solid team to back us up. That’s how we get to superhero status.   

Our central office is sort of like the Bat Cave and just like Bruce Wayne had Alfred, we have some British on our side.   

If you could give one of your products to anyone – past or present – to try, who would it be? Why? 

We’re the New Yorkers that made protein “Juicy”. So we have to go with Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. Him and Clear Whey would be a serious combination.  

Biggie’s ‘Juicy’ is still more iconic but we’re working on it. 

What is your favorite recipe that you’d recommend new Whey Forward users try? 

 We’ve developed Whey Forward to taste amazing on it’s own mixed with water or milk. Some on our team really love to use it mixed with alternative milks like oat and almond.  

But lately, since the summer heatwave, we’ve been experimenting with Whey Forward frozen desserts and it makes a great ice cream or ice pop! 

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