N!CK’S Animal-Free, Vegan Ice Cream: Better-For-You And Tasty  

A kinder, greener future is possible together. Something you’re able to see on a shelf, hold in your hands, and taste with a spoon. That’s why we’re partnering with retail brands and food service manufacturers to make animal-free products, so you can enjoy the foods you love without compromise. Our partner, N!CK’S, is helping to create a future you can taste, by making creamy, delicious, planet-positive ice cream with our animal-free dairy.

To celebrate National Ice Cream Month, we sat down with two of N!CK’s beloved team members, Kirsten Suarez, VP of Marketing, and Mackenzie Bartz, Social Media Specialist, to talk about N!CK’S ethos, vision, and how they are creating a kinder, greener future one Swedish-inspired pint at a time. 

Tell us about N!CK’S 

N!CK’S was originally founded in Sweden and entered the US market in 2019. Our founder, Niclas, was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, so he was forced to change his diet and lifestyle. After this diagnosis, he followed a strict diet, basically a keto diet long before it was trendy. And after spending time with his new diet, he wanted to find a way to keep enjoying all the foods and sweets that he loved. Niclas found a way to make better-for-you snacks that stand out nutritionally but are still delicious! Starting with ice creams, the N!CK’S portfolio now includes ice creams as well as protein bars, nut bars, and ice cream sandwiches. All of our snacks and sweets are keto-friendly with no added sugar, and fewer calories!  

You can buy N!CK’S animal-free, vegan ice creams in stores and online. You can find N!CK’S in ACME, Jewel, Shnucks, Harris Teeter, Randalls, Pricerite, Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Hannaford, Giant, Albertsons, Safeway, Market Basket, Dave’s Shaw’s, Big Y, Wakefern, Roche Bros, Tom Thumb, or Rouses in select locations. Find N!CK’S animal-free ice cream in-stores here or buy it online here.

What is N!CK’S Ethos?

At N!CK’S, we provide better-for-you snacking options without compromising on taste. Our focus is on finding ways to make your favorite snacks better-for-you but still tasty.  

What is NICK’S proudest product launch? 

It’s hard to say because in the past year and a half we’ve launched so many new products… 

In early 2021, we launched our Keto Protein Bars, which have been a HUGE hit since then. We were so proud to bring a better-for-you keto treat, that didn’t compromise on taste, to the market! 

We also recently launched our limited-edition Zedd Pint (yes – with the DJ Zedd!)! This was also a HUGE moment for us, as it is our first ever major collab. It was so awesome too, because Zedd and Niclas worked very closely together to develop this amazing Chili Mango flavor! 

We’re proud of everything we’ve made and shared with the world. From our animal and lactose-free pints we made with Perfect Day to our keto bars, ice cream sandwiches, the collaborative flavor Chilly Mango, and more – it’s hard to choose just one!

 What’s in NICK’S dream ice cream sundae? 

Since we’ve expanded to so many products outside of ice cream, our dream sundae would be a little adventurous and include a bit of everything.  

The base would be a scoop of every single one of our vegan ice cream flavors (Choklad Choklad, Swedish Mint Chip, Strawbar Kram, Peanot Butter Swirl, Hazelnot Swirl, and Karamell Swirl) then we would throw on some pieces of our keto bars and smak bars and top it with crumbled cookie krams. 

What are NICK’S plans to celebrate National Ice Cream Month?

National Ice Cream Month is definitely our favorite month of the year. We have a lot of exciting giveaways and discounts. For the third year in a row, we’re doing our ‘Tag a Nick’ giveaway on Instagram, the grand prize is a year supply of Nick’s AND we have over 100 other prizes like our Summer Fruit Bundle, free pint coupons and more! To enter you have to tag all the Nicks (or any Nick-ish name like Nicole, Nikki, Niko, Nikhil, Nikita.) you know on our Instagram post. 

It’s definitely a big month for us and we’re celebrating with a lot of ice cream! 

What is a flavor you wish you had in your product line? 

Even though we have a ton of delicious Swedish flavors, from the classic Vanilj Bean and Choklad Choklad to more adventurous ones like Peanot Butter Swirl and Strawbar Kram, we would love to create a more traditionally Swedish flavor eventually! 

And finally, what’s NICK’S vision of a kinder, greener future? 

We’re really happy with the impact our animal-free ice cream line with Perfect Day is having. Thanks to their animal-free whey protein with a carbon footprint 97% lower than animal-whey, we can make delicious vegan and lactose-free ice cream we love without compromising on taste or texture. 

We will continue to focus on innovating foods, treats, and snacks to be better for you AND also for the planet. 

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