10 Things To Know About Our Animal-Free Dairy Partner, Tomorrow Farms 

A kinder, greener future is possible, and we believe food is the first step to change. But we can’t do it alone. That’s why, in partnership with global and local brands alike, we’re making delicious, animal-free products without compromise. Our partner Tomorrow Farms is helping us make this future a reality, by building incredible food and beverage brands that are better for people, kinder to animals, and easier on the planet.

We sat down with Ben Berman, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tomorrow Farms, to talk about the ethos and impact of Tomorrow Farms and more. 

Tell us about Tomorrow Farms. 

Tomorrow Farms is on a mission to win hearts, minds, and stomachs to fuel the sustainable food revolution. We partner with innovative food science companies (like Perfect Day!) to build irresistible food and beverage brands that are better for people, kinder to animals, and easier on the planet. A more equitable and harmonious food system is in sight — and we’re reinventing pantry and refrigerator staples to help us all get there. 

Our first product is Bored Cow – a line of animal-free dairy milk using Perfect Day’s incredible protein!

What is Tomorrow Farms’ ethos?

We believe there is a better way to make our favorite foods. One that doesn’t use artificial ingredients, exploit animals, compromise our health, or put the planet at risk. The sustainable food revolution has already begun — you can see it in the dairy aisle, and the meat aisle, and the frozen foods aisle, and really all over the grocery store. But we’ve got a long way to go. If we’re going to leave industrial animal agriculture behind us, we need to make animal-free alternatives that are indistinguishable from the ‘real’ thing, from taste and texture to nutrition and ingredients. That’s where we’re headed.

Tomorrow Farm’s just launched its first brand, Bored Cow, can you tell us more about it?  

We created Bored Cow as a tribute to the rich chocolate, creamy vanilla, and smooth strawberry milks that we all grew up with. This time around, we’ve gotten rid of the lactose, removed the excess sugar, and, with the help of Perfect Day, retired the dairy cow. We want the next generation to grow up just like we did — minus the factory farming, and the out-of-control emissions. For the love of people, animals, and the planet, we believe it’s time to give cows a break; They’ve got far more important things to do anyway!

To order Bored Cow and experience the future of dairy for yourself, head to: www.TryBoredCow.com.

What is a flavor you wish you had in your product line?

We started with our three favorite flavors — chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. And we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. We’re really excited to add an ‘original’ flavor in the near future that is perfect for coffee drinks, cereal, smoothies, as well as cooking and baking. That said, we do dream of releasing a strawberry-banana flavor one day. It sounds like a fun challenge! 

What nostalgic food from your childhood would you want to recreate next?

This is such a hard question! We loved lunchables and squeezable yogurts as kids (when our parents allowed us to have them). We’re still kids-at-heart, and we’d love to see a day where we can enjoy these foods again without worrying about the harm to our bodies, animals, and the planet.

What is your proudest milestone?

In early May, we announced our $8.5M seed round led by Lowercarbon Capital, with additional backing from top investors including Maveron, Valor Siren Ventures, and SV Angel. Now we get to launch this amazing brand with Perfect Day as we start to reinvent every aisle of the grocery store. It’s an exciting time for us as a company, and we can’t wait to share our products with the world.

What do you look to for inspiration?

I love restaurants. Menus, kitchens, decor…all of it! A crowded restaurant is such a strong barometer for what people are looking to spend their money on. And I often feel energized after a good meal (as long as it’s not too large!). 

As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability to turn customer insights into action. But sometimes inspiration strikes in less analytical environments…like a restaurant!

If your brand had an alter ego, what would it be?

We’re 90s kids, so we’ve gotta say Captain Planet and the Planeteers. That’s a deep cut for Cartoon Network fans.

If you could give one of your products to anyone – past or present – to try, who would it be? Why?  

We’re pretty sure Daisy Ridley would love Bored Cow. Plus, our cow characters are definitely from a galaxy far, far away.

And finally, what is your vision of a kinder, greener future?

We envision a world where sustainable, healthy foods are available to everyone, everywhere. To achieve that, all of us need to work to build a more equitable and harmonious food system. None of this will be easy, but all of it is necessary.


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