Perfect Day Expands Industry-Leading Life Cycle Assessment to Measure Potential of Animal-Free Whey Protein to Impact Climate Future

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Perfect Day, Inc., the consumer biotechnology leader, conducted a comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) of its hallmark non-animal whey protein to better understand its environmental impact, and to determine areas of opportunity to make that impact a reality in partnership with industry leaders.

According to the ISO-certified, third party-validated LCA from WSP (link to summary), Perfect Day’s whey protein production reduces blue water consumption by at least 96% and up to 99%, and non-renewable energy use by at least 29% and up to 60%, compared to conventional production methods for whey protein. This assessment extended the scope of the LCA the company shared in April, which showed that Perfect Day’s protein production reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 97%.

On the heels of the recent IPCC report, Perfect Day, in partnership with food industry leaders, has the potential to deliver “strong, rapid, and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.” The U.S. produces nearly 98 million tons of milk annually, excluding butter. The report concludes that if Perfect Day’s partners substituted its animal-free protein in just 5% of the products that use dairy ingredients on shelves today, over the course of a year, production of these foods would save the equivalent of:

  • The greenhouse gas emissions from 140K round trip flights between San Francisco & New York;
  • The energy needed to power Washington, DC for 6 years;
  • The water needed to fill 1.4M Olympic swimming pools.

“We believe in the power of working together to catalyze the biggest impact on the shortest timeline possible,” said Perfect Day CEO and co-founder Ryan Pandya. “While our mission to create a kinder, greener tomorrow is more critical than ever, I’m energized by this LCA to expand distribution working alongside more partners in more categories to help make this potential impact a reality.”

To further this goal of collaborative problem-solving, Perfect Day also welcomes three new advisors to their existing Sustainability Health & Advisory Council (SHAC). High schoolers Sofia SanchezSriya Chintalapalli, and Sayyida Rania Hashim are well accomplished and passionate about the future of our planet and our food system. These young changemakers will join 15-year-old SHAC member Okezue Bell to round out the Council’s first “Gen Z Panel.” Alongside existing Council members, this group of future leaders will help guide Perfect Day on matters of health and wellness and the environment, all to further the company goal to maximize the good it can do through its impact-driven business model.

The world’s climate future depends on collaboration from all. Perfect Day began with the mission to create a kinder, greener tomorrow, and will implement these findings while exploring new partnerships and expanding their commercial product portfolio.

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About Perfect Day
Founded in 2014 by CEO and co-founder, Ryan Pandya, and co-founder, Perumal Gandhi, Perfect Day is on a mission to create a kinder, greener tomorrow by developing new ways to make the foods you love today — starting in the dairy aisle. Instead of relying on cows, Perfect Day utilizes fermentation to create proprietary ‘flora-made’ dairy protein. Perfect Day’s ingenious animal-free protein can be used across a range of products — from ice cream and milk to cheese and butter — to deliver the same taste and texture of dairy without the environmental, animal welfare, or food safety concerns. Foods made with Perfect Day protein are naturally lactose- and cholesterol-free, and are coming soon to a fridge near you as the company expands its network of food and dairy manufacturing and foodservice partners. To learn more, visit or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.