Welcome, Coolhaus!

This week, our consumer brands subsidiary The Urgent Company announced their acquisition of Coolhaus, the leading women-owned ice cream business at grocery, and a pioneer in dessert innovation and novelties. Some of you may be asking yourself, why acquire Coolhaus and not just work with them as a B2B partner of Perfect Day? Why a dairy company? And we want to share a bit more on our thought process. What it really comes down to is: impact and people.


Coolhaus’s mission is to be the household ice cream brand of the future and to inspire the next generation of diverse creators. The Urgent Company has been looking for meaningful ways to bring social justice more deeply into their work. And by giving Coolhaus access to additional resources and structure, The Urgent Company will do just that by extending the impact of things like Coolhaus’s flavors that give back.

And Coolhaus was also looking for ways to become more sustainable. The Urgent Company and Coolhaus will transition their traditional dairy products to our animal-free dairy in the months ahead. Our combined teams will work on this incredible kinder, greener transformation. Fans of Coolhaus can expect to continue to enjoy the exact same products they love, and one day realize they’re doing it with a smaller environmental footprint.


A critical element of this acquisition is our ability to bring our Coolhaus’s incredible team. The leadership team at Coolhaus will join The Urgent Company’s leadership team, deepening the company’s commitment to and perspective on inclusivity in the food industry with its incredible women led and founded and LGTBQIA+ pride values. Inspiring founder and CEO Natasha Case is coming on board as TUC’s new President of Brand Experience. COO Ryan Bennett will join as TUC’s Senior Vice President of Operations and Integration. Their unparalleled expertise, plus the rest of the team, will accelerate our work towards our evolving missions.

From day one, this acquisition allows us to bring together our missions and strengthen our team with the passionate, inclusive leaders who have agreed to join us on this journey. We can’t wait to see what days 30, 100, and beyond look like as we build a more equitable, resilient, and diverse food system for all of us.

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