The Next Chapter of Our Impact Through Collaboration

If you’ve been following Perfect Day’s story, you’ve seen us grow from our very first ice cream partner in 2020 to now over fifteen partners in three countries today. The momentum of our business is directly correlated with the urgency of the climate challenge we’re tackling, and our employee’s deep belief in the promise of our solution.

You’ll also recall that last year, we quantified how much kinder and greener “tomorrow” will be when animal-free products are on pantry shelves around the globe. The lifecycle assessment conducted to answer that question found that our new way of creating milk protein reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 97%, water use up to 99%, and energy use up to 60%, compared to conventional production methods. That means that if our protein is used in just 5% of the dairy products on shelves in the US today, over the course of a year we save the equivalent of the emissions from 140K roundtrip flights between San Francisco and New York.

We also realized even our loftiest targets for scaling that impact won’t secure the future of our planet. We can’t achieve everything our technology makes possible in our lifetime. Which is why we’ve built a business model around partnerships which extend our potential impact much faster than we could alone. Perfect Day is where we are today because of the help we received along the way. Instead of waiting for companies who share our mission to reinvent wheel, we can significantly accelerate our impact by empowering others through our platform.

That’s why we’re excited to share the new brand identity for our enterprise biology business: nth Bio. This business allows us to scale the impact our technology enables — by empowering companies who share our mission — further than we can achieve on our own. When we empower other companies who want to use precision fermentation to make world-changing goods, from everyday commodities to life-saving vaccines, the scope of what’s possible through our technology grows exponentially. This means more resilient supply chains, a healthier planet, greater food security, better access to health care, and beyond. It’s a new landscape through biotechnology, empowered by nth Bio.

It may seem a departure from our identity as the ingredient which enables no-compromise milk, ice cream, cream cheese, protein powder, chocolate, and more — but for those of us at Perfect Day, it’s exactly where we aimed to be after nearly a decade as a company. We’ve forged the first path from strain engineering to full-scale production for an animal-free, nature-identical animal protein. By sharing that unmatched expertise, other innovators have a roadmap for bringing their own ideas to fruition. We have the solutions for crossing the biotechnology “valley of death,” navigating the moments of confusion, and more — together accelerating the path to a kinder, greener tomorrow.

It’s also the natural extension of a business built on collaboration. Once we perfected our animal-free milk protein, we sought partners with missions and expertise to bring it to the world across markets, categories, and channels faster than what we could do just from our consumer brands under The Urgent Company. This is the latest evolution of finding partners who can take what we create to new levels — as evidenced by our first public partner announcement, Onego Bio. Their team had an idea for animal-free, nature-identical egg protein and a long road ahead to bring it to life. By turning to nth, they gained access the tools and expertise to get there exponentially faster than they could alone.

This commitment to collaboration extends beyond our ingredient and technology partners. We see everyone working towards a kinder, greener tomorrow as a mission partner. It’s why we celebrate the incredible minds hard at work on innovations in regenerative agriculture, plant-based food, planet-positive textiles and materials, green energy solutions, and much more. While we work to empower partners and our brands with our ever-growing business, we celebrate all the parallel paths that are securing our planet for generations of our families to come.

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