Perfect Day’s Nutrition Potential Comes Front & Center

Last week, we shared the news that we entered the protein powder category with two new products across three countries. It’s an exciting moment for us as we get to showcase the nutritional benefits of our protein, in addition to the taste, texture, and functionality we’ve already shared in ice cream, cream cheese, barista milk, and cake mix. And we get to do it in more markets across the globe, an early glimmer of the global impact we’re aiming to have.

Our newest partner Natreve marks our first entrance into the sports nutrition space with their new line MOOLESS. Natreve is the world’s first carbon-neutral wellness company, looking for an option which allowed them to marry the benefits of their traditional whey protein and plant-based protein offerings, with the smallest possible environmental footprint. This partnership truly exemplifies how our protein can extend well beyond the dairy aisle for consumers looking to reduce their footprint in every facet of their lives.

Our launch into protein powder also included a new brand from our consumer business The Urgent Company, California Performance Co. With this brand, The Urgent Company is aiming to reach athletes looking to fuel their performance and recovery, sustainably- and found that our molecularly identical whey protein offers the best option for a highly functional, easily digestible protein, with even higher BCAAs than standard whey protein isolate. This powder will soon be available to consumers conscious about their health and planet in the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong. This is an incredible testament to how far we’ve come just over a year after our first product hit the market.

Our long-term vision and guiding light is to build a more equitable, resilient, and diverse food system for all of us. This includes aspirations of tackling inequitable access to nutrition across the globe, with minimal impact on our planet. And while we have a long way to go, bringing a product to the market globally which proves the benefits to the human body of the purest, most functional protein available is an exciting start.

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