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two men eating ice cream

We have exciting news to share: today we are launching a limited edition animal-free ice cream made with Perfect Day protein!

Five years ago, we embarked on our mission to create animal-free dairy for a kinder, greener world. Since then we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes creating, perfecting, and scaling our process, and we are finally ready to share the world’s first real animal-free ice cream. We are launching three flavors – Milky Chocolate, Vanilla Salted Fudge and Vanilla Blackberry Toffee – available in very limited quantities on our website as a special 3-pint bundle, complete with an informational brochure and a custom Perfect Day ice cream scoop. This is your opportunity to be one of the first people in the world to try a product made with Perfect Day protein!

We wanted our first-ever consumer product to show you what’s possible with Perfect Day. Our flora-based protein will enable all kinds of dairy products to be made without cows. Long term, in order to achieve serious impact, we’ll be working with some of the largest dairy and food companies in the world to bring flora-based products to tables across the globe.

Thank you to our supporters for joining us on this journey. Be sure to purchase the ice cream before it’s gone, and sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned for more updates!

Ryan + Perumal

Co-founders of Perfect Day

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