Lactose-Free Cream Cheese Pound Cake

A delicious dessert doesn’t have to be complicated. This Cream Cheese Pound Cake, we made in partnership with the Culinary Institute of America, uses ingredients you’ll have on-hand and is quick to whip together.  

What makes this different from a typical Pound Cake is the use of our animal-free cream cheese. With the same taste and texture as traditional dairy cream cheese, animal-free cream cheese has the added benefits of being lactose-free, and more sustainable. 

What is animal-free cream cheese? 

At Perfect Day, we’ve partnered with nature to make the things we love while using fewer resources. We create animal-free dairy protein similar to the protein in cow’s milk but are made without a single cow, thanks to precision fermentation. 

The process begins with our tiny partners, microflora, which are organisms that naturally ferment in the wild and produce large amounts of protein through fermentation.  We help them adopt the genetic instructions to make cow whey protein. In a fermentation tank, the microflora ferments a broth of plant sugars and vitamins, producing non-animal whey protein that is nature-identical to whey that comes from cows. Imagine a brewery, but instead of beer, we’re brewing milk protein. Using gold-standard dairy industry technology, the protein is safely filtered, and we’re left with a pure whey protein that’s identical to the dairy protein that’s been consumed for generations. It’s identical to the classic. We just got there a different way.     

Our animal-free dairy is lactose-free, has all the benefits of traditional dairy but is also cholesterol-free, hormone-free and antibiotic-free.   

We partner with retail brands and food service manufacturers to create various products with our animal-free dairy such as protein powder, ice cream, gelato, milk, chocolate, and cream cheese. Our partners, Modern Kitchen and Nurishh make delicious animal-free cream cheese! 

Perfect Day Cream Cheese Pound Cake 

This gorgeous pound cake has a few secret ingredients for a moist, dense cake every time. The addition of Perfect Day’s animal-free cream cheese, egg replacer and milk makes this pound cake climate-friendly and so delicious. This pound cake made with Perfect cream cheese is delicious on its own or is a perfect blank canvas to add any of your favorite flavors and toppings. 

12 Servings 


6 eggs or Perfect Day Egg Replacer 

8 oz. Perfect Day’s Cream Cheese (check out our partners, Modern Kitchen and Nurishh, to purchase our cream cheese)

3 cups Flour 

½ tsp. Baking Powder 

2 tsp. Salt 

3 sticks (340 g) Butter 

3 cups Sugar 

1 tsp. Lemon Zest 

1 tsp. Vanilla 


  1. Preheat oven to 325° F 
  2. Line a 10-inch pan with oiled parchment paper 
  3. In a large bowl, sift flour and add baking powder, egg replacer or eggs, salt, butter, sugar, cream cheese, lemon zest, and vanilla 
  4. Mix on high speed, scraping the sides of the bowl periodically until smooth 
  5. Transfer to the lined pan and bake for about one hour or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean  
  6. Cool the pound cake completely before serving with your favorite toppings 

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