Perfect Day Enters Protein Powder Category, Further Showcasing The Nutrition And Performance Of Its Animal-Free Protein

California Performance Co. and Mooless.

Perfect Day, Inc., creator of the world’s first animal-free dairy protein, today announced its entrance into the sports nutrition market, bringing first-of-its-kind innovation, performance, and sustainability to this high-growth space. The launch further validates the alternative protein leader’s ability to commercialize animal-free ingredients at scale with expansion into Asia and the launch of two new brands.

The introduction of this ready-to-mix (RTM) product line puts Perfect Day’s hallmark ingredient front and center, bringing consumers the taste, performance, and nutrition of conventional whey protein powder but with a fraction of the environmental impact. The new category will be ushered in by flagship partner Natreve, the world’s first plastic and carbon neutral wellness company, and California Performance Co., the newest brand from The Urgent Company.

“After highlighting the functionality of our protein in cream cheese, ice cream and baked goods, this new category brings its nutritional superiority to the forefront. We developed this new product line for traditional whey protein and plant-based protein consumers alike, and above all, for anyone conscious about their health and the health of our planet,” said Ryan Pandya, co-founder and CEO of Perfect Day, Inc. “This is an incredibly exciting moment for Perfect Day, as our animal-free dairy ingredients find more commercially viable uses across new product categories and now new continents, as we enter three global markets in a critical step towards our vision of a more equitable, resilient, and diverse food system for all.”

Natreve is Perfect Day’s first partner in the category, today announcing MOOLESS, a protein powder for those looking to elevate their wellness journey with a product that offers the taste, texture, and nutrition benefits of whey protein while meeting their environmental and health ideals. The protein powder is molecularly identical to conventional whey but made through precision fermentation, delivering all of the nutritional benefits and a lower environmental footprint (made with protein that generates up to 97% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional production methods). Perfect Day and Natreve came together through deeply shared values to create change through business by putting sustainability at the forefront. Their collaboration allows them to drive towards their shared goal of creating a kinder, greener tomorrow.

“Natreve is on a mission to provide wellness to everyone, inside and out. As the world’s first plastic and carbon-neutral wellness company, we’re on a journey to become the most sustainable wellness brand on the globe. Our partnership with Perfect Day and the launch of MOOLESS allows us to provide even more options for consumers to invest in their health while protecting the health of our planet,” said Roland Radu, CEO of Natreve.

Each serving of MOOLESS contains 20 grams of protein and a full-spectrum digestive enzyme to support performance and daily wellness. It is perfect for those who care about climate change and creating a better tomorrow while simultaneously looking to fuel their daily lives. MOOLESS will be available in four delicious flavors: Vanilla Bean Cupcake, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry Shortcake.

California Performance Co., helmed by Perfect Day’s consumer-facing subsidiary The Urgent Company, will expand their animal-free product offerings to customers across the US, as well as internationally for the very first time, selling directly to consumers in Singapore and Hong Kong. This marks The Urgent Company and Perfect Day’s first international brand launch and includes three flavors which are lactose-free, hormone-free, and soy-free.

About Perfect Day, Inc.

Founded in 2014 by bioengineers Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi, Perfect Day is on a mission to create a kinder, greener tomorrow through the thoughtful use of biology. Leveraging expertise across biological engineering, food innovation, and consumer products, Perfect Day is helping companies big and small to develop, scale, and commercialize next-generation products that satisfy consumers’ demands and champion a path toward a sustainable future.

The company’s flagship product, the world’s first precision fermentation protein, debuted in 2020. Instead of relying on cows, Perfect Day utilizes microflora to create proprietary animal-free protein. Perfect Day’s protein can be used across a range of products to deliver the same taste and texture without compromise. An ISO-compliant, third-party reviewed life cycle assessment (LCA) found that Perfect Day’s whey protein reduces blue water consumption by up to 99%, greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97%, and non-renewable energy use by up to 60%, compared to conventional production methods. To learn more, visit or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

About Natreve

Launched in 2019, Natreve is a mission-driven and ocean-forward premium wellness company dedicated to providing the most innovative, highest quality products, to help you Eat Right and Do Good. Natreve is proud to be the world’s first plastic and carbon-neutral wellness company, with a vision to become the world’s most sustainable wellness brand. Protein powders include Whey, Vegan, and Keto options that are available in unique and decadent flavors such as French Vanilla Wafer Sundae, Fudge Brownie, and more. The Wellness Series offers science-backed drink mixes including Stress Less, Immune Strength, and Sleep Peaceful. To learn more, visit, or follow along on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

About the Urgent Company

The Urgent Company is a new type of CPG company, one with a singular focus on the next generation of consumer brands that harness the latest in innovation and science to create revolutionary, delicious, and sustainable animal-free foods with less impact on the planet. The Urgent Company made its marketplace premiere with the launch of Brave Robot, a revolutionary ice cream made with Perfect Day’s non-animal whey protein, which uses science and a little bit of technology to remove animals from the equation without sacrificing the indulgent taste and texture of dairy. The Urgent Company strives to be different while making a difference. They exist for the future and believe that if things don’t change now, there will be nothing left for tomorrow. Visit to learn more.