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Perfect Day Debuts Limited Edition Ice Cream

Perfect Day animal-free ice cream

Bay Area-Based Company Launches Vegan, Lactose-Free Ice Cream Made with New Flora-based Dairy Protein

Perfect Day, a global leader in the research, development and production of animal-free dairy, announced today the launch of its limited edition ice cream, allowing people for the first time to taste a product powered by Perfect Day’s flora-based, animal-free dairy protein. Perfect Day will be offering a bundle containing three flavors of the frozen dairy dessert: Milky Chocolate, Vanilla Salted Fudge and Vanilla Blackberry Toffee.

Since 2014, Perfect Day has been developing and scaling a method for producing functional, nutritious protein using fermentation of microflora. Today’s limited release gives eager consumers a chance to taste the world’s first animal-free dairy products, while demonstrating the potential of this technology to potential collaborators.

“What we’re doing here is completely new to the world,” said Ryan Pandya, CEO and Co-founder of Perfect Day. “We wanted our first debut to be under the care of our own brand, so that we could demonstrate the consumer benefits inherent to our protein, while starting a conversation about this new approach to making food.”

Perfect Day’s proteins – created through a fermentation process similar to the manufacture of vitamins and amino acids – are identical to the proteins found in cow’s milk, imparting to food products the nutrition, texture, and delicious taste of conventional dairy. Founded by Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi, Perfect Day sees the future of the industry as a bright one, and plans to work with companies large and small around the world that can create delicious food products using this protein.

“Our goal has always been impact — to pave the way for a kinder, greener planet,” said Perumal Gandhi, Co-founder of Perfect Day. “The best way to achieve this will be to work with food companies that already purchase huge amounts of dairy ingredients. While our B2B deals come to fruition, we are eager to share our progress with the world.”

The three-flavor bundles are available for purchase while supplies last on July 11 for $60.00 plus shipping and handling, exclusively at perfectday.com.

About Perfect Day
Perfect Day is a global leader in the research, development and production of animal-free dairy. They are reimagining the dairy supply chain and supporting the evolution of the food system to one that is more sustainable for future generations. As a top Bay Area food tech startup, they are teaming up with food makers large and small to create a whole new category of animal-free food products — for a kinder, greener planet. For more information, visit perfectday.com or follow along on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.